Permanent Makeup Wix Templates Are Finally Here!

Updated: Mar 14

PMU Templates for the ultimate user-friendly platform:

Do you have a permanent makeup business and have been looking for an easy way to launch and manage your own website? If so, look no further.

“During my time as a coach, I encountered so many PMU Artists in need of a website they could afford and also easily manage themselves.”

>> I created these affordable PMU Website Templates - JUST FOR YOU!

Finally, fully-customizable Wix website templates that you can use for your permanent makeup business!

Throughout my career in marketing and branding, I have encountered so many business owners in need of a functional, easy-to-use platform. I've used WordPress, Square, Shopify, and other website platforms - and I will honestly say: Wix is at the top of my list.

There are so many reasons why I love Wix. (But, I'll leave that for another post.)

Free Wix Templates

How it Started

Over the past few years, I entered the permanent makeup field and made a whole new network of colleagues, clients and friends there. This industry is dear to my heart and I reached a point where I wanted to do more.

Let me explain.

During my time as a marketing coach for Master PMU Artist Jenny Lind's Mystique Brows Academy month-long PMU training course, located in Buford, GA, I met many PMU artists that I had the pleasure of teaching the fundamentals of creating a "Marketable PMU Brand" (you can take this FREE self-paced course here.)

During my time as a coach, I encountered so many PMU Artists in need of a website they could afford and also easily manage themselves. So, I came up with an affordable option for them.

Free Wix Template Options

First, let's take a look at the free website template offerings so you can understand why PMU-specific templates are so necessary.

If you've ever searched for "permanent makeup clinic" templates on, you will quickly realize that you will not find any website templates specifically designed for permanent makeup. I tested it today (January 21, 2022), and here is what I found.

(Scroll though the gallery to track all of my steps and see the results it gave me.)

The results:

(As you can see, none of them were actual "Permanent Makeup Clinic" templates.)

A Solution For Everyone

I have put in the hard work creating numerous custom permanent makeup websites for various clients. (You can view some of my work here.)

My experience, along with my education in UX (user experience) design, has equipped me to create action-driven websites that are clean, mobile-responsive and easy-to-navigate.

I know exactly what a permanent makeup clinic website template needs. That is why I created these complete and fully-customizable PMU website templates for you to use for your permanent makeup business!

Currently, I have three template options available for purchase. (I plan to add more soon!)

These PMU templates can be connected to Wix Bookings or any third-party booking platform, such as Acuity Scheduling (another favorite - but I'll also save that for another post.)

As always, cheers to your success!

xo, Nancy Marie


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