After creating websites for so many clients, I wanted to cater to a market close to my heart:

permanent makeup (PMU) artists in need of a website - but with a very small budget.

In 2019, I hosted an ongoing marketing class as part of the Mystique Brows Academy month-long certification course (by Jenny Lind.) In my class, I taught emerging PMU artists the fundamentals of marketing their businesses. Through this experience, I met a network of artists that turned into colleagues, friends and clients. Working closely with PMU Artists allowed me to really get to know this niche market, in and out. With my experience creating numerous websites for permanent makeup artists, I know what it takes to achieve a professional website that is not only functional, but also provides the information needed in order to close more sales.


However, I noticed something that bothered me. A lot of new artists were approaching me in need of a website, but did not have the budget to afford a custom website. Unfortunately, custom websites take A LOT of time and, I was quickly finding myself burnt out trying to help this market.

That is why I created a series of complete permanent makeup (PMU) website templates that you can modify to your own brand.

These templates are clean, professional layouts that are user-friendly for almost anyone to manage and customize - no prior website experience needed!


In addition, each PMU website template comes with a full tutorial that I created just for you! I will show you, step-by-step, from start to finish, how to customize your new template and launch your new, professional and fully-functional PMU website.

I will walk you step-by-step, on how to:

  • Customize your new website look

  • Customize your new website's functionality

  • Make your website LIVE

  • Select a Wix hosting plan that is right for you

  • Connect your site to your social media channels

  • Connect your site to your scheduling/booking platform

  • Set-up your FREE Google Business page to reach more client leads

  • Set-up your site's SEO so you are more visible in search results

These templates  are ready is especially designed for anyone - no experience required. However, you must have a do-it-yourself spirit and the patience to follow step-by-step instructions.


This is an exciting project for me because I will be able to teach an endless number of you beauty professionals how to create your very own fully-functional, professional-looking website for your beauty business - and anyone will think you hired an expensive web designer!

I will show you, step-by-step, from start to finish, how to create a professional and fully-functional website on Wix.

By the end of the course you will have a complete website, including:

  • A "Home" Page

  • An "About" Page (or Section)

  • A "Services" Page (or Section)

  • A "Before/Aftercare" Page (or Section)

  • "Policies/Terms" Page (with a generic script to modify for your use)

  • A "Book Now" link (connected to a scheduling system of your choice)

  • Connected "Social Media" Links

  • "Before and After" Photo Gallery (or live Instagram Feed)

  • Basic SEO Setup (Search Engine Optimization) and Google search setup